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Birthday is a moment that only happens once a year. what are you doing at your friend's birthday moment ?? give a surprise party? ask for treats or hang out with your friends? but behind all that there is certainly a tradition that can not be eliminated, namely to give birthday congratulations. and for the youths would feel too jaim if to say happy birthday with a formal language, not so ?? That's why we'll give you a little review that contains a funny birthday congregation for your friends and birthday friends.
Why Give a Happy Birthday Greeting?
The youths prefer to give birthday words that seem unique and funny usually not to look too boring, in addition to entertaining friends who are birthday. Yes, giving a funny utterance can indeed create a relaxed and more cheerful atmosphere without eliminating the purpose of giving the utterance. That's why we give you some recommendations from a funny birthday congregation for your reference. But is the value contained in this birthday greeting different ??
The different meanings contained in the birthday greeting depends on the intention, the content and how it is interpreted. Instead of giving attention, cute birthday wishes that seemed more fun for the entertainment arena alone. However this does not mean that this speech is meaningless. To see what kind of funny birthday greetings we've summarized, check out the following reviews.
Watch puppets while eating papaya. Honey, met ula ya. Buy honey ngapain must to Malang, success is always and the more dear I am ya ...

Eating bread on the side of the road, while acquaintance with the ayu
I can not give you special gifts friend, just a happy birthday to you ..
How come the smell of PIZZA and fried chicken yes today? Oh yeah I remember, it's bad there is a ULTAH treat anymore read this SMS. (edition of ngarep) hehehe.
I want to be a postman in order to send an anniversary to you.
I want to be an astronaut in order to bring a moon present for you.
And I want to be a beggar to ask for your treat.
Is your birthday the same date every year? Not bored what? Hehe .. Yau dah deh, met repeat taun ya kawan ...
Ciee is a birthday. But Instead of last year you reset the epidemic? How come again? Hehe .. HBD WYATB wae lah.
Happy birthday, friend. Good luck ae, and do not forget kalao already rich, 90% for me .. hehe ..
The older do not become taro, the birthday met day so ....
Happy Birthday. Have a long life and add baek heart to nraktir I eat. Hehehe
What is the seat made of? made of wood
I forgot to tell you, Happy Birthday to you ...
Various birthday greetings above can you make as a birthday gift for your friends or friends who birth. but do not forget to include your hope and prayer for the future of friends or friends that you care about. Such information is related to a fun birthday congregation gathering. hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful and be an inspiration in creating a different atmosphere in your friend's birthday.
Description: A funny birthday greeting collection is mostly used to build a more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

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