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1. To start making pumpkin mud cake, the first step you should do is shake the egg and sugar until it expands and turn pale, then add vanilla and a little salt to the egg mixture while continuing to shake it.
2. After mixing the coconut milk that has been boiled before, mix again with low speed.
3. Add the mashed pumpkin, stir until smooth
4. Add the flour little by little while continuing to stir it
5. While continuing to stir it, add the melted margarine until the mixture is completely flat.
6. After your dough is ready, then you can immediately print it. To get the appropriate shape, print the dough on a mud cake mold that has been previously smeared with margarine. bake the cake with very little fire for approximately 2-5 minutes.
7. Bake the cake to the top of the solid and hardened cake, after which you can lift and cool
8. Add topings according to taste to add to the taste of your mud cake. And now your pumpkin mud cake is ready to be served.
Hmmm, have you imagined the delicacy isn't it ?? because it is quite light, you can serve the mud cake as a companion to tea or coffee. The taste is delicious and melted in the mouth will greatly spoil your beloved family's tongue. You can also serve this cake when your friends gather at home. The easy way and does not require a long time will greatly facilitate you. Such is the pumpkin mud cake recipe that we can convey, hopefully it is useful for you, and good luck ...
Description: Recipe for pumpkin mud cake is a recipe developed to add variety to the taste of mud cakes which were originally only made from potatoes.Cook, what are you doing today? still confused what to make for your beloved family at home ?? We will provide a solution for you. Cooking fast and delicious is certainly the hope of all the mothers at home, considering there are still a lot of homework piling up. And one solution that you can choose is to make a bali spice egg dish. Who is not moved by his appetite after hearing about the Balinese spices? As one of the tourism areas in Indonesia, Bali offers a variety of culinary delights for its lovers' tongues, one of which is the Balinese spice egg, how is the bali spice egg recipe simple ??
As the name implies, this Balinese spice egg is one of the very simple foods, both the ingredients used and the processing method. But for taste, this dish tek needs to be doubted, traditional preparations with a distinctive spicy flavor will be a pity if missed. A dish made from eggs with a complete mixture of spices produces a distinctive and diverse flavor. Apart from the undoubted taste, the nutritional content of this dish is also quite good, which is high in protein, and very good for children who are in the process of growing. How, can't wait to make it at home soon? Here's a simple bali spice egg recipe for you.
Simple Balinese Seasoning Egg Material
• 10 eggs (boil and peel the skin, then you can fry it first)
• 3 lbr bay leaves
• 2 orange leaves
• 3 cm galangal
• 1 large tomato
• 2 tablespoons brown sugar
• 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
• 750 grams of liquid coconut milk
• 1 tsp pepper
• Salt
Cooking oil
Material needed for fine spices
• 8 large red chillies
• 6 red cayenne fruit or according to taste
• 6 shallots
• 5 grains of garlic
• 4 roasted candlenut grains
• 1 segment of ginger size 2 cm
• 1/2 tsp shrimp paste or according to taste

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