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1. Before you step into the process of making baked sponge, the first step is to make sure all the ingredients and equipment you have prepared.
2. Next you can mix 3 eggs and 6 egg yolks with sugar according to the dose and don't miss adding vanilla to the mixture. Stir slowly with the mixer.
3. After the egg mixture expands, add SP or TBM and baking powder.
4. After the first mixture is ready, you can melt the butter, by heating the butter on the stove until it melts on low heat. immediately remove if the butter has melted completely.
5. Enter the flour and butter that has been thawed into the egg mixture little by little, stirring gently until the mixture is completely mixed evenly.
6. Next you can prepare a baking pan for baking, before you pour the mixture into the pan, first spread the pan with butter and flour thinly.
7. After the entire surface of the pan has been smeared, you can pour the mixture into the pan, and bake the sponge mixture into the oven for about 21 minutes until done.
How? Isn't that easy? The delicacy of the flavor is already imagined. Such is the soft baked sponge cake recipe, for serving you can add with various topings according to taste.
Description: The recipe for roasted sponge cake is an inherited recipe that is still sustainable today, even more in demand by its fans.
Mud cake is one of the traditional Indonesian snacks that is still popular today. snacks belonging to the ranks of these wet cakes were originally made from potatoes. But over time many materials have been developed as raw materials for making these mud cakes, one of which is pumpkin. Pumpkin itself has long been known as a mixture that can be combined with various types of cakes. Because it has a texture that is not much different from the pumpkin mud cake recipe is not much different from the potato-based mud cake recipe, only for mud cake made from pumpkin based yellow has a composition that is slightly different in size. for this reason before making this cake pay attention to the composition of the ingredients first.
The pumpkin mud cake recipe is a form of creativity created to add flavor to the mud cake. And it turns out that it's true, mud cakes that use the basic ingredients of pumpkin have a taste that is very indulgent in the tongue. You can conjure simple ingredients into a special dish for your family and friends. Can't wait to make this pumpkin mud cake soon? Here's the recipe and how to make pumpkin mud cake for you.
The ingredients needed to make pumpkin mud cakes
• 750 grams of pumpkin (peel and clean the contents. Then steam and puree)
• 400 grams of flour
• 4 egg yolks
• 3 egg whites
• 400 grams of sugar
• 750 cc coconut milk (boiled and chilled)
• 150 grams of margarine
• 1 tsp vanilla
• ½ teaspoon salt

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