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Pictures of batik robe clothing models have become one of the most sought-after information by women as women increasingly want to appear hijab. The robe model itself is chosen because it is able to give a more elegant appearance with various combinations of materials and models. One of the most popular robe models is a modern batik shirt model. Moreover batik has become a part of world fashion which is now highly developed with its various combinations, besides that batik robes are also an alternative choice in all conditions, both formal, semi-formal and for casual events.
Modern combination of batik shirt robe
To look beautiful and elegant, you can look for various references from the latest models of batik robe clothing, one of which is a combination of batik robe. As a material that is quite flexible you can easily combine batik material with other ingredients, such as brocade, satin, siffon or cotton. For brocade variations, it has only become a trend for years, where hollow brocade fabrics with unique motifs will greatly help enhance the beauty of batik robes and make them look more luxurious and elegant.
In addition to the combination robe, looking at the pictures of the batik robe clothes that are in trend, we can also find out the batik robe models that are in demand, which include batik terusan robe and two piece robe. For the robe canal model, in general the chosen model is a dress model with a blend of two matching materials.
While the two piece batik robe, in general, is dominated by models of batik and plain outer dress or vice versa with several applications in the chest section. This two-piece model besides being pretty worn is also able to give a unique and modern look so it is very suitable to wear when attending official events. So are some pictures of the model of robe batik clothes that we can convey, hopefully a variety of models of batik robes this combination can help you look elegant and elegant in every appearance.
Description: a picture of a model of batik robe dress is a very neat blend of elegant batik materials and various combinations of materials that match the latest pieces of the model.
The latest 2016 batik robe has now become one of the fashion collections that are always sought after by hijab women to support their appearance. With a simple model, making this fashion model is always in demand, besides being able to make the look more elegant and elegant, the robe can also be worn in all conditions and is not timeless by the times. Of all the models of robe clothes, one of which is becoming a trend is the latest batik robe model. What kind of robe model is becoming a fashion trend?
The latest 2016 batik robe trend
The latest 2016 batik robe is very different from the robe model you imagine. Many people assume that the robe seems old-fashioned, but this perception was erased by designers who were able to conjure batik cloth into a modern and very elegant blend of Muslim fashion. For the model itself, the batik robe that has become a trend is a combination batik robe. There are several types of combinations that are very harmonious combined with batik materials such as a combination of brocade, chiffon, cotton, satin and blazer combinations.
The latest 2016 batik robe with a combination of ingredients is not new, but along with the development of fashion trends, simple materials such as chiffon, cotton, satin to brocade can be transformed into a beautiful and elegant fashion. For non-formal or casual events you can combine this batik material with cotton or chiffon with lighter colors. As for official events, a blend of satin or brocade will be more suitable.
While the batik blazer combination can be an option for those of you who want to look more fashionable and trendy. This combination robe can be worn for work clothes, party robes or non-formal events with simpler pieces. For party events you can choose bright and shiny material colors, while for non-formal events you can choose soft colors with simple motifs. Thus the latest 2016 batik robe trends, hopefully it can inspire you.
Description: The latest 2016 batik robe which is becoming the trend of Muslim fashion is a combination of batik robe, both a combination of material and a combination of blazers that are in great demand

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