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The model of the birthday cone is now increasingly diverse, along with the rapid development of tupeng rice production in Indonesia. This certainly does not eliminate the deep philosophical meaning of rice tupeng. The creation of this birthday cone model is also quite attractive to the public. The cone model, which was once only a cone, now there are various forms that have been developed.
Variety of Birthday Tumpeng Models
In addition to the cone model, birthday tupeng can now be formed with a stack of cone models. This style of birthday cake is quite popular because of its attractive shape and resembles the arrangement of the birthday cake. So it is very fitting and in accordance with the moment of the birthday. In addition to the cone-shaped stacking model, there is also a very interesting model of cone-shaped rice cone. This cone of heart can also be used at the moment of birthday with a size that is made larger. Especially with a variety of delicious side dishes and a variety of vegetables that have been formed beautifully, which makes the appearance of rice cone more beautiful and attractive.
Anyone would be very interested in the increasingly diverse model of birthday cone. No need to bother, because you can directly order it online at RoyalSnackBox.com for the Jabodetabek area and for those of you in the Bekasi area you can directly visit Jalan Merak 3 No.55 Inkopol Jakasampurna Complex in West Bekas for reservations.
Description: The model of a birthday cone is now increasingly diverse, not only limited to the shape of a cone, there is an array of shapes to the shape of the heart that can be ordered.
Tumpeng rice is the main menu of Tumpeng birthday which is generally made of solid yellow rice which is formed conical upwards. This cone rice is usually served with various side dishes that are decorated and placed around the rice cone. There is no specific benchmark for the menu of birthday cone side dishes, but in general, this rice cone is equipped with processed chicken meat, fritters, stir-fried tempeh, omelette, chili and various fresh vegetables.
Make a Birthday Cake Complementary Menu Decoration
To make it even more beautiful, tupeng rice is placed in a tray or tray that has been coated with a banana leaf decorated with edges. In addition to a beautiful place, how to place a birthday cone menu should also be considered, each menu is placed in a container made of banana leaves. In addition, you can also use cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, chilies, celery, or turnips to enhance your appearance.
To make a birthday cone menu along with its decoration is indeed quite complicated and requires time that is not short. For this reason, many people prefer ordering rice cone rather than making it themselves at home. And one of the trusted rice delivery service providers in the Greater Jakarta area, among others, is RoyalSnackBox.com which also provides a variety of quality rice box and snack package packages.
Description: The birthday cone menu is very diverse which consists of various pieces of meat and vegetables that are beautifully arranged along with vegetables and ornamental fruits.

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