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How to fatten cattle - Cattle fattening business is one of the cattle business which is now in demand by cattle farmers. Where this business is felt to be more profitable than traditional cattle that starts from the breeding process which certainly requires a relatively long time. While fattening the cows themselves is more focused on beef cattle carried out with the maintenance process from skinny to fat adult cattle whose process is certainly more relatively short, which is around 3-5 months.
Fire Fattening System in Weekly Counts
There are several cattle breeding systems that can be done, but the fattening system that is felt to be the fastest, efficient and more profitable is the kereman system. This fattening system was chosen by many breeders in Indonesia because it was felt to be more profitable. As the name suggests, the process of fattening cattle in this way is done entirely in a cage or not herded. In addition, cows are also not utilized, so that the food consumed is fully converted into meat and fat, in addition to being more optimal, the fattening process must also be free from various diseases, especially intestinal worms that make it difficult for cattle to fat, if necessary given molasses and vitamins to increase his appetite.
Fast Ways to Fatten Beef Cattle
There are several quick and easy ways to fatten cows that can be done to make a successful fattening system, which includes the condition of the cage. The size of the cage must be ideal, accompanied by adequate sanitation and sunlight systems. In addition to increasing cow's appetite, hygiene factors must be considered, where in addition to the cage must always be cleaned considering that fattening cattle dung is more than cattle dung in general, cows must also always be bathed at least once a day.
And the thing that cannot be separated from how to fatten cattle is feeding. This feed cannot be provided at random and must meet the feed requirements which include containing necessary nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, besides that the feed must also be free from dirt and germs, not in a foul state and not dewy because it can cause bloating. For this reason, the search for feed should be done after sunrise. To increase appetite, the feed given must also be feed which is liked by livestock. That is some animal feed requirements that must be met for fattening.
In addition to the feed requirements, you should also pay attention to the amount of feed that must be given. For cattle feed fattening beef cattle, the dose given feed is 25% of the weight of cattle. With a forage composition consisting of three patterns. For the first pattern consists of elephant grass, Setaria Sp, and other green grasses, the second pattern consists of horticultural plants, and the third pattern consists of tree legumes, such as sengon leaves, hibiscus leaves, lamtoro or gamal. In addition to forage feed, to accelerate fattening it must also be given concentrated foods and vitamins.
To get multiple benefits, you can provide 1-2% concentrate feed in the morning, and forage feed 3 times a day. In addition to meeting food needs, you also have to meet the needs of drinking cows, which range from 20-40 liters per day for each cow. Those are some ways to fatten cows that you can do to get results that are fast, efficient and profitable, hopefully useful.
Description: How to fatten cattle quickly and profitably in a few weeks time is very profitable, so that many cattle breeders are in demand.

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