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Cholesterol is very closely related to our lives, and of course it's already familiar to the ears. But many people do not understand the meaning of cholesterol, and interpret cholesterol as a bad thing related to disease, fatty food, excess weight, old age, and so on. In addition, most people also identify cholesterol with heart disease and stroke. But what is the meaning of cholesterol from cholesterol itself ??
Definition of cholesterol
Before discussing cholesterol more deeply, the first thing you must understand is the definition of cholesterol, where cholesterol is fat produced by the liver in the human body. Cholesterol has a very important function for the body, which among others are as forming estrogen in women and testosterone in men, forming vitamin D and as a source of energy in the body. Even though it has an important function, excessive cholesterol levels can be dangerous to health. In addition to being produced by the body, cholesterol is also present in several types of food, including animal protein foods such as meat, offal, eggs, milk, seafood and other animal-based processed foods.
But if the cholesterol contained in the body builds up, plaque will form and precipitate in the blood vessels which can eventually narrow the blood vessels, and if this continues it can cause hardening of the arteries. With a limited supply of oxygen, the chest will feel painful and heart attacks can occur if the arteries have been completely blocked by cholesterol deposits. This is the reason why we must know the meaning of cholesterol, function, types and everything related to cholesterol.
Types of Cholesterol

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In addition to understanding cholesterol, the types of cholesterol are also very important for you to know. In the process of working, cholesterol flows in the blood attached to proteins, and the cholesterol package with this protein is referred to as lipoprotein. This type of lipoprotein consists of various particles that have special properties, which include HDL, LDL, VLDL and triglycerides. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) or also known as good cholesterol is cholesterol produced by the body. Besides functioning for the formation of hormones, HDL also functions to remove excess LDL in the blood vessels. This is because LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol which contains the most saturated fat in the blood that can result in disruption of health.
While triglycerides are fats that affect blood cholesterol levels, if triglyceride levels are high then cholesterol levels in the blood will also be high, as well as VLDL which contains the most triglycerides, which if excessive will be converted into LDL. Thus reviews related to understanding cholesterol and its types, hopefully useful ..
Description: Understanding cholesterol needs to be understood in the right side, because not all cholesterol can have a negative effect on health.

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