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Normal blood sugar levels - Blood sugar is a medical term that refers to the level of glucose in the blood, where glucose is the source of energy for cells in the human body. However, this glucose level must be strictly regulated, because it will have a negative impact if the level of glucose in the blood is in the low or excessive range. So what is normal glucose level which is good for health?
Normal Blood Sugar Levels
Basically there are no definite standards that describe normal blood sugar levels. this is because the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood always change according to human activity. But even so you need to know the range of sugar levels that are ideal for the body and keep it from rising or falling. As previously stated, blood sugar levels always change, when a person is fasting, normal blood sugar levels are in the range of 4-7 mmol / l or 72-126 mg / dL. Whereas after eating sugar levels will rise to the normal rate of 10 mmol / l or 180 mg / dL and will fall back when going to sleep at night, which is in the range of 8 mmol / l or 144 mg / dL.
Due to High and Low Blood Sugar Levels
If the glucose level is below the normal blood sugar level, the energy for cells decreases and can cause the body to weaken faster, lethargic and less powerful and faster fatigue, the skin becomes paler, becomes less focused and more difficult to concentrate. In addition there are other negative effects that are quite dangerous, such as tingling in the mouth area, faster heart palpitations, convulsions that are unable to stand up and move because they run out of energy in the body.
Meanwhile, if glucose levels exceed normal blood sugar levels in addition to having an impact on the high risk of diabetes, it can also result in health problems, such as increased appetite but body weight continues to decrease, the body feels tired quickly, urinates frequently and feels thirsty more quickly . The skin is dry, reddish and feels hot, vision becomes less clear and blurry, and the intensity of dental infections is more frequent.
How to Maintain Normal Sugar Levels in the Blood
After knowing the normal glucose level, you also have to keep the glucose level in your body stable and ideal, for that you have to change your lifestyle to be more healthy and orderly. Healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoiding prolonged stress and consuming sugary foods in moderation and not excessive. All these habits are effective ways to maintain normal blood sugar levels. So much information that we can convey, hopefully useful ...
Description: Normal blood sugar levels do not have a certain standard and are always changing following human activities every time.

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